Having spent 15 years exploring the world on social service duties, I had the privilege to be immersed in various cultures and I opened myself to many a learning. Until I came across traditional Chinese medicine, which caught all my attention.
The mysteries of human body and the place of man in his environment has never stopped fascinating me. As former athlete and long time massage practitioner, it was quite natural for me to specialize in Tui Na. To achieve this, I followed a 4 year University course at Chuzhen Institute of Chinese Medicine, taught by professor Liu Yan Gan, head of the massage department of Dongzhimen hospital in Beijing.
In my daily practice, I most enjoy the encounters with people seeking therapeutic guidance, pain relief, sympathetic listening or advice and to  help them to unravel certain blockages and to experience the surprise of processing significant issues in the process. This, to me, seems to be the keystone of the taoist paradigm.
In parallel to my private practice, I continue my training in several areas:
- Acupuncture, which enables me to work with the same dialectical reasoning when a massage treatment is unadvisable.
- Chi Nei Tsang, to fathom the body-psycho dimension and the secrets of the Belly as our "second brain" or visceral consciousness.
- Myofascial therapy and trigger points.


Johan D. MAHEY


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