The Paediatric massage Xiao Tuina is a branch of traditional Chinese Medicine. It is prescribed for the treatment of internal illnesses of new-born babies. Widely practiced in China for millenia, Xiao Tui Na uses an original system of channels and points which do not exactly correspond to that of the adults. By means of exclusive manual techniques, Xiao Tui Na resets the body's physiology in order to strengthen its resilience and eliminate the pathogenic factor. Thus it can treat a large number of ailments. It is recommended in cases like infant malnutrition, unwillingness to suckle, night terror, insomnia, enuresis, diarrhea, constipation, regurgitation, fever, convulsions, flu, coughing, stiff neck...
"Children can fall sick easily and their health state changes very fast, be it towards worsening or healing".
In the case of a chronic disease, the massage aims beyond the symptomatic respite. It aspires to healing a syndrome, whilst avoiding the undesirable side effects of certain medicines.
"When Yin and Yang are thriving, health is easily recovered"
A session generally lasts 45 minutes. After assessing the nature of the child's ailment, the practitioner shall examine miscellaneous signs of the infant, (forefinger vein inspection, investigation of their behaviour, smelling and listening, complexion, tongue and pulse check, palpation of the abdomen) in order to make out the yin from the yang.
From this information, a therapeutic strategy is formed. The massage is performed and taught to the parents so that they can autonomously carry on taking care of their child from home. The moves are simple and easy to accomplish, yet they require consistency and accuracy.






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