The TUI NA massage is a dynamic technique based on the traditional medicine energetic concept which involves the 14 channels which convey blood and energy through the whole body.
Its purpose is to insure the circulation and the balance of energy, in order to bring back the tonicity you lost. Most appropriate for relieving tension, alleviating sharp and chronic pain, as well as sports ailments; it relieves joint pain, rejuvenates skin, lifts sagging muscles and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
TUI NA massage is also an amazing prevention tool for any health problems: digestive or breathing disturbances, dysmenorrhea, sleeping disorders, stress... By clearing tension caused by particular emotions, it provides peace and relaxation, increases the feeling of vitality and helps eliminate toxins.
A most suitable treatment for sportsmen, musicians, office workers, dentists, pregnant women and non pregnant ones too. Probably the best for YOU too!
It is practiced fully clothed, on a chair or a massage table.



The first session can take about 80 minutes, including an hour dedicated to the massage.
After establishing the nature of the patient's needs, the practitioner shall scrutinize various signs of the patient, (inspection, smelling and listening, inquiry, palpation) in order to make out the yin from the yang. This information will enable him to make a full assessment of the energy balance according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
Once the syndromes are assessed, they are treated by means of massage, moxibustion, needles, cupping, plants etc...
Before the patient departs, a number of changes are suggested concerning diet, activity and rest, and what not...
Any issue can be addressed and discussed. Whatever mentioned in a session is sealed by the obligation of professional confidentiality.
Teenagers and children are welcome provided they are accompanied by a family member who can choose to stay and behold or sit in the waiting room.




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ADDRESS : 118 avenue Lacassagne, 69003 Lyon

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